Special Interest Groups

MnLC Special Interest Groups are designed to promote intentional sharing/networking of information with our audiences in priority areas and inform the MnLC Advisory Committee of broader programming, project and joint licensing opportunities.

Special Interest Groups focus on the following:

Digital Literacy
Karen LaPlant, Hennepin Technical College
Charles LaRue, Anoka-Hennepin School District 11
Emily Kissane, Minnesota Department of Education
Dorinda Sorvig, Northland Community and Technical College
Debbie Vanoverbeke, Southwest Minnesota State University
Julie Walter, Southwest Minnesota State University
Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Minnesota Literacy Council

Troy Anderson, ISD 728
Robb Virgin, Minnetonka Public Schools
Carla Johanson, Northwest Technical College
Jeff Plaman, Minnesota Department of Education
Bob Rubinyi, University of Minnesota
Theo Beckman, Riverland Community College
Tracy Quarnstrom, Wolf Creek High School

Open Educational Resources
Tanya Grosz, University of Northwestern - Saint Paul
David Ernst, University of Minnesota
Shane Nackerud, University of Minnesota
Kristi Jensen, University of Minnesota
Marc Johnson, ECMECC
Angie Johnson, Minnesota Department of Education
Matt Lee, Minitex, University of Minnesota
Kim Lynch, MnState
Mary Mehsikomer, TIES
Jon Voss, ISD 287
Julie Walker, Southwest Minnesota State University

Quality and Best Practices
Jeff Lindgren, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth McMahon, Northland Community and Technical College
Elissa Raffa, Minnesota Online High School
Dave Glick, Cyber Village Academy
Kevin Jost, ISD 728
Darcy Turner, University of St. Thomas
Rita Resendiz-Abfalter, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Kimberly Johnson, MN State

Catherine Artac, MnState
Maria Filace, Southwest Minnesota State University
Rebecca Graetz, University of Minnesota
Scott Marshall, University of Minnesota
Rita Resendiz-Abfalter, Anoka-Ramsey Community College
Sarah Grachek, St. Cloud State University
Debbie Allen, Anoka Technical College
Jane Melander, MN State
Kim Wee, Minnesota Department of Education