Submission Guidelines

We invite proposals to present at the International Forum on Active Learning Classrooms. There will be four types of presentation formats: poster, paper, roundtable, and demonstrations.


Reminders for Submission

1. Early submission is highly recommended due to limited space.
2. The primary presenter and all additional presenters should be listed on the proposal submission form.
3. Presenters should not provide more than two submissions for review across all proposal formats.
4. An abstract of not more than 300 words must be submitted for any format. Specifics for each type of format are provided below.
5. Most presentations will occur in Robert H. Bruininks Hall on the University of Minnesota campus. Bruininks Hall is named after the 15th President of the University and contains the largest concentration of active learning classrooms in the world. Poster presentations will take place in the Great Hall, Coffman Memorial Union. 

Topics for Poster, Paper, and Roundtable Presentations

Suggestions for topics are listed below but are not limited to the following:

  • assessing student learning
  • redesigning courses for ALC teaching
  • innovative pedagogical practices
  • models and proven practices for faculty support and development
  • research on active learning spaces
  • team based, cooperative, or group based learning
  • innovations in facilities that impact active learning
  • developing interactive networks/communities for improving ALC teaching/learning

Submit proposal here.

The due date for abstract submissions is March 31, 2017.

Notification of Acceptance

The primary presenter will be notified via e-mail within three weeks of the due date. Acceptance of your presentation still requires you to register for the conference. All presenters who will be at the session should expect to pay full conference fees. Upon acceptance, the primary presenter will receive information about the specific parameters associated with the poster (acceptable poster size, overall table size, internet availability, etc.) or any additional information for the presentation.

Roundtable Submissions

Roundtable discussions are scheduled for August 10 and 11 in 45-minute increments. Roundtable audiences are generally confined to a table of nine participants but could accommodate up to 15 attendees if necessary. Roundtables should not be “mini-presentations” but should orient attendees to the topic followed by engagement in problem solving, perspective sharing, or other goals appropriate to vigorous small-group discussion.

Paper and Poster Submissions

Paper sessions are scheduled for both August 10 and August 11 in 45 minute time blocks. The poster session for the Forum is scheduled for August 10 time to be determined. Poster presenters will have appropriate poster board space for the poster. Paper sessions are delivered in an active learning classroom. Click here for information about the room configuration and features.

Demonstration Submissions

Demonstrations are short, how-to examples that illustrate a particular classroom activity associated with teaching or learning in an active learning classroom. Concurrent demonstration sessions are scheduled for August 10. Each demonstration consists of a 25 minute presentation, including time for addressing questions/comments from attendees.


The general format for the 300-word abstract for paper presentations and posters involves the following:

1. purpose of the session
2. the value or importance of the topic for teaching/learning in ALCs
3. a description of the problem or issue that your session will address
4. how your submission effectively addresses the problem or issue

For roundtable abstracts, follow the above guidelines 1, 2, and 3 (omit 4).

For demonstrations, the abstract should a) describe the purpose or goal of the demonstration, b) the context in which the activity has been used, c) fully describe the actual demonstration, and d) how the demonstration has impacted student learning or faculty professional development.