Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course

Join us in 2018!

August 20−22, 2018
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Course Director

David Y.H. Pui, University of Minnesota

Why You Should Attend

This course will provide basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills for individuals entering the aerosol and particle field. It is also a good refresher course providing updated information for individuals who are already in the field. The course includes hands-on laboratory experiences at both the TSI laboratory and the University of Minnesota laboratory where participants will be able to discuss their own projects with the instructors and other attendees.

What You Will Learn

Participants will have the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of aerosol properties and behavior. With laboratory experiments, participants will receive practical training on skills to sample, measure, and characterize airborne particulate matter in a variety of applications, including PM2.5 air pollution measurements, industrial hygiene sampling, nanoparticle exposure measurements, and contamination controls in microelectronics and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Who Should Attend

Scientists, engineers, and other technical personnel with an interest in the properties and behavior of airborne particles; individuals involved in product design and development with particulate matter problems; individuals working in industrial hygiene, air pollution, cleanrooms, contamination control, and those dealing with particle-related problems; individuals who are working in microelectronics, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, pollution control, nanoparticle technology, and other industries with particle-related problems or issues.

Organized and offered by:

Particle Technology Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Department
College of Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota

In cooperation with:

TSI Incorporated

Facilitated by:

College of Continuing and Professional Studies,
University of Minnesota

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