Conference Program

9th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics

Landmark Center, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bioinformatics Workshop

Workshop coordinators:
Christophe Hitte, University of Renne, France
Vidhya Jagannathan,  University of Bern, Switzerland
Molly McCue, University of Minnesota, USA

7:30 a.m.−5:00 p.m. Registration, Cortile 

7:00−8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast, Cortile

8:10−8:25 Welcome, Auditorium 


9th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics

6:00−9:00 p.m. Opening Reception, The M St. Café at The Saint Paul Hotel

Monday, May 22, 2017

7:30 a.m.−5:00 p.m. Registration, Cortile

7:00−8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast, Cortile

8:10−8:25 Welcome - Ned Patterson, Auditorium

8:25-8:30 Welcome - Rondo Middleton, Nestlé Purina

8:30−9:20 Keynote
Evan Eichler, University of Washington
Introduced by Tosso Leeb

Session 1: Genomics and Variation

Chair: Tosso Leeb

9:20 Tracking the Genomic Effects of Geographic Origin, Migration, and Introgression on the Formation of Modern Dog Breeds
Heidi G. Parker 

9:40 Diversity of Felines: Geographical Isolation and Human Migration
S.M. Nilson

10:00 Insights into 115 Domestic Cat and 17 Wild Felid Genomes
Leslie A. Lyons

10:20−10:45 Coffee Break, Cortile

Session 2: Genomics and Behavior

Chair: Cathryn Mellersh

10:45 Genetic Disease Variant Prevalence and Distribution in 100,000 Mixed Breed and Purebred Dogs
Jonas Donner

11:05 Selective Sweep Analysis Using Village Dogs Highlights the Pivotal Role of the Neural Crest in Dog Domestication
Amanda L. Pendleton

11:25 Cladistic Analyses of Genomic Variation Reveals Genes Involved in Learning and Behavior in Multiple Dog Breeds
Brian W. Davis

11:45 Fox Genome Assembly Identifies Genomic Regions Associated with Tame and Aggressive Behaviors
Anna V. Kukekova  

12:05 p.m. Lunch, Cortile

Session 3: Neurology

Chair: Hannes Lohi

1:10 A Spontaneous Canine Model of SACS-Associated Neuronal Degeneration
Kari J Ekenstedt

1:30 Mutations of NAPEPLD Independently Associated with Leukoencephalomyelopathy in Leonberger and Rottweiler Dogs
K.M. Minor

1:50 The Use of Whole Genome Sequencing to Investigate the Genetic Cause of Hereditary Ataxia in Two Norwegian Buhund Siblings
CA Jenkins 

2:10 Generalized Myoclonic Epilepsy in Juvenile Dogs Caused by a Defective Ras Family GTPase DIRAS1
Riika Sarviaho

2:30 Student Medley of Three-Minute Presentations of Posters 

Chair: Ned Patterson

Francesca Genova, Jolyon Martin, Solenne Correard, Rebekkah Hitti, ME White

2:50−4:20 Poster Session 1 and Coffee Break, Cortile

Session 4: Ophthalmology and Olfaction

Chair: Adam Boyko

4:20 An Intronic LINE-1 Insertion in MERTK is Strongly Associated with Retinopathy in Swedish Vallhund Dogs
Sally L. Ricketts

4:40 A Novel ADAMTS17 Mutation is Associated with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and Primary Lens Luxation in the Shar Pe and Multibreed Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal a Novel Locus for Canine Primary Closed Angle Glaucoma
James A. C. Oliver 

5:05 Genetic Architecture of Canine Olfaction
Gang Li 

5:25 Scientific Session Adjourns

5:30−6:00 Genetic Testing Harmonization Project 
Aimee Llewellyn and Brenda Bonnett

Open night − Enjoy Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

7:30 a.m.−5:00 p.m. Registration

7:00−8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast, Cortile

8:15−8:30 Announcements, Auditorium

8:30−9:20 Keynote
Hopi Hoekstra, Harvard University
Introduction by Greg Barsh

Session 5: Morphology

Chair: Greg Barsh

9:20 Histological and Genetic Characterization of the Lykoi Breed Hair Variants
Leslie Lyons

9:40 Canine Brachycephaly is Associated with a Retrotransposon-Induced Missplicing of SMOC2
Thomas Marchant

10:00 Analysis of Large Versus Small Dogs Reveals Three Genes on the Canine X Chromosome Associated with Body Weight, Muscling and Back Fat Thickness
Jocelyn Plassais

10:20 Woofing It Down—Lessons on the Neurobiology of Appetite from Man’s Best Friend
Eleanor Raffan

10:40−11:05 Coffee Break, Cortile

Session 6: Skin, Lung, Infectious

Chair: Catherine Andre

11:05 ANLN Truncation Causes a Familial Fatal Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Dalmatian Dogs
Saila Holopainen

11:25 A Codon Deletion in CARD9 Gene Causes Increased Susceptibility to Mycobacterium avium complex in Miniature Schnauzer Dogs
Urs Giger

11:45 Combinations of Polymorphisms at Three Independent Loci Govern Canine Dermatomyositis
JM Evans

12:05 p.m. A De Novo Variant in the ASPRV1 Gene in a Dog with Ichthyosis
Tosso Leeb  

12:30 Lunch, Cortile

1:30 Breed Specific Genetic Background of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome in the Pug, French Bulldog and English Bulldog
Lajos Kalmar

Session 7: Reproduction

Chair: John Fyfe

1:50 Insights into X Chromosome Gene Regulation and Function from Studies in Cat Interspecific Hybrids
William J. Murphy

2:10 Rapid Interspecific Evolution of Sex Chromosome Amplicons Suggests Candidates for Meiotic Drive and Hybrid Sterility Within Felidae
Wesley A. Brashear

2:30−4:00 Poster Session 2 and Coffee Break, Cortile

Session 8: Cardiology 

Chair: John Fyfe

4:00 Whole Genome Sequence Reveals Signatures of Selection on Cardiac and Muscular Function Genes in Sporting Dog Breeds
Jaemin Kim

4:20 A Potassium Channel Mutation Is Associated with Sudden Cardiac Death in Juvenile Toy Manchester Terriers
Nicole M. Tate

4:40 Conclude for the day

Evening Dinner and Music − The Wabasha Street Caves
6:00−7:00 Social Hour
7:00−8:00 Dinner
8:00−11:00 Dance/Social − Music provided by Belle Amour
Cave Tours will be available at 6:00, 6:30, 8:00, and 8:30.
Buses will be available for transportation to and from The Saint Paul Hotel, and the Wabasha Street Caves. Buses will begin at 5:45 p.m. and the last bus will leave at 11:00 p.m.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

7:30 a.m.−noon Registration

7:00−8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast, Cortile

8:15−8:30 Announcements, Auditorium

Session 9: Oncology 1

Chair: Tosso Leeb

8:30 Connecting Inherited Risk Factors, Tumor Mutation Profiles and Clinical Outcomes in Golden Retriever Hemangiosarcoma
Kate Megquier

8:50 Discovery of Novel Fusion Genes Identifies Shared Molecular Features Associated with Vascular Pathways in Canine Hemangiosarcoma
Jong-Hyuk Kim

9:10 A Hypothesis for Canine T-Zone Lymphoma: the Role of Hyaluronan and Hypothyroidism
Julia Labadie

9:30 Somatic Variation and Mutagenesis in a Canine Transmissible Cancer
Adrian Baez-Ortega

9:50−10:20 Coffee Break, Cortile

Session 10: Oncology 2

Chair: Rondo Middleton 

10:20 Mitochondrial DNA Recombination in a Canine Transmissible Cancer
Andrea Strakova

10:40 Canine Histiocytic Sarcoma as a Model for a Rare Human Aggressive Cancer: Advances in the Understanding of Somatic Alterations Led to Development of Therapeutic Options
Benoit Hédan

11:00 Evaluation of Mutational Signatures in Canine Tumor Data from Multiple Tumor Types Reveals Breed-Specific and Cancer-Specific Patterns
Ingegerd Elvers

11:20 Student Oral Presentation Awards and Closing Remarks

Noon Lunch, Cortile